Birthday Party Venues and Fun Birthday Party Activities in the Seattle, WA Area

Planning for Children’s Birthday Parties in Seattle, WA

3. Where should you have the birthday party venue? As mentioned above, one can choose to have a self-hosted party at home or have it at a commercial birthday party venue. You need to decide whether you can afford to spend a little more to make the party quick and easy.
Some party venues offer complete party packages from invitations, decorations, activities, food and party favors but some do not. So, you have to inquire about this information and factor it in your decision when choosing the right birthday party place. Birthday party venues and fun birthday party activities in the Seattle, WA area . It is important that the birthday party location you choose is located somewhere nearby and quite accessible to you and your guests.


Here are some of the best birthday party places to consider near Seattle, WA.

1. Sporty fun activities for the birthday child and friends: bowling birthday parties atACME Bowl, Meadowbrook Pool or Whirly Ball are fun. ACME Bowl offers children of ages 5-17unlimited bowling on the bowling lanes for an hour or two then the party continues at private party rooms where pizzas and sodas are served. If the children would like to have some fun swimming, then Meadowbrook Pool is a viable option. They can have an hour of exclusive swimming in a section of the pool and a short party in the lobby. Juice, paper products and favors are included in the swimming birthday party package but the food is to be brought in or catered by another. A new type of sport that is perfect for a birthday party activity is Whirly Ball. It is a team sport where players ride a bumper car called WhirlyBug and play a game that is a combination of basketball, hockey and Jai-Alai. After an hour of playing this game, they can party with pizzas, sodas and ice cream cake.